Nikk Mole

Eyelash and eyebrow lamination kit Nikk Mole (Step 1 and Step 2 in a sachet, Step 3 in an ampoule)

7,46€ 9,95€

The Nikk Mole Eyelash and Eyebrow Lamination Kit restores the structure of the eyebrows, softens the cuticle of the hairs and has a long-lasting lamination effect.

Thanks to the active components of the components, the Nikk Mole set gives the maximum effect of preserving the hair structure at the time of lamination. And keratin and panthenol in the composition protects the hairs during the procedure, restores their softness and elasticity.

To enhance the effect of the composition, gently
Cover them with plastic wrap and leave for
for 3-15 minutes (depending on the desired
result and the condition and structure of

Exposure time varies from 6 to 
15 minutes, depending on the structure and 
eyelash condition

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