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Lash lamination kit medium

75€ 139€

 kit contains : 5 single-dose sachets Stap 1 LIFT - 1.5ml

5 single dose sachets Stap 2 FIX - 1,5ml

Keratin Drop - 15ml

Lash & Brow-cocktail - 15 ml

Laminate glue 5ml

Hydrogel eyelash extension patches en lamination 5 pairs

Curlers set 4 pairs

Lift Magnetic brush mod.6

Accessory kits: 3 Y-combs 10 Lip glosses 10 combs 30 microborstel As a gift the black tint + oxidant!


Photos for demonstration purposes only. The product description is authentic. The kit may vary based on stock availability.

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