LAST CHANCE - Lashlift separator

12,95€ 16,95€

Tool used for lamination treatment.

Our eyelash separator is specially designed to effectively separate every eyelash, even the smallest. Thanks to our lash separator tool you will be able to lift and lengthen your lashes faster and more efficiently. Thickness and length are just the right size to guarantee you a secure and solid grip.

LIFT AND DIVIDE LASHES - Easily separate lashes with the pointed tip of this tool. WORK FROM THE ROOTS - This very precise tool allows you to lift the lashes from the roots.

COMFORTABLE GRIP - Thanks to its comfortable grip you will be able to separate the lashes comfortably, without effort.

Short Lash Hook with comb: allows you to reach the shortest lashes and also in the inner corners and comb the eyebrows thanks to its comb.

Top quality Handle and tip in steel

Content: 1 pc plus a case.

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