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M CURL 5D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)


Onze nieuwe premade proffesional fans zitten tussen de promade fans en premade fans in. Vind jij de promade fans moeilijk om mee te werken maar de dunnere basis wel mooier dan de premade fans? Dan zijn dit de perfecte fans voor jou!

We have noticed that the stylists who have no experience in the volume technique sometimes find it difficult to work with the promade fans. With some the fans fall apart because the pick-up is not performed correctly, and some find it difficult to work due to the very thin pointed base, which means that they cannot get the correct attachment, resulting in poor retention. We now have the solution for this.

The premade professional fans have a slightly thicker base than the promade fans but not as thick as the premade fans and run in a nice point. A combination has been made of heat bonded and glue bonded. That is, most of the base is heat bonded and only the very tip with a very small amount of glue. This makes the fans less likely to fall apart when picked up. In addition, these lashes are slightly less flexible, which together with the slightly thicker base than the promade fans makes it easier to place the lashes and to obtain the correct attachment. Good to know is that the customer does not feel the difference in flexibility when wearing.

Another additional advantage of these eyelashes; they are black, blacker, black!

The Premade professional fans are narrow fans and have a slightly longer base than the super fans and premade fans. This creates a beautiful dark and full look.

The L curl is only available in a mix tray. The mix tray contains: 1×7, 2×8, 3×9, 4×10, 4×11, 4×12, 1×13, 1×14

The premade professional fans are also available in CC and D curl in single sizes 7 to 14 and in a mix tray.

The Premade Professional fans are designed to be picked up by the base of the strip.

  • Narrow fans - perfectly formed fans
  • smart base
  • a mix of heat bonded and glue bonded
  • handmade
  • 5D 900 fans  in a box
  • thickness 0.07
  • L curl
  • ultrablack

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