Maxymova Step 1 LIFT Lamination MAXYMOVA in 20ml airless anti-waste bottle


Step 1 - LIFT  is the first phase of the eyelash lamination treatment.
Lifting cream breaks down the disulfide bonds within the eyelashes to create additional curl.

MAXYMOVA® Professional products for lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows
  Developed in collaboration with the best lamimakers in Italy.
  ✨ New shiny texture! No unpleasant odors!
  🔥 Delicate and effective revolutionary formula.

  Step 1 - LIFT, lifting cream PH 8.2-8.9, application time 6-12 minutes.
                         Thin and weak eyelashes 4-5 min
                         Medium eyelashes 6-7 min
                         Big eyelashes 8-9 min
                         Very thick eyelashes 10-12 min
  Step 2 - FIX fixing cream PH 2.4-4, application time 7-8 min.
You can use brow lift treatment products (eyebrow lamination).

Contents:  20 ml (65+ eyelash treatments)
PAO  - 4 M
For professional use only 
Made in Italy 🇮🇹

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