Okis brow

Okis Micro brow pencil 03 - Gentle brown

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Thanks to the powdery texture, the pencil is easy to apply and lays well, forming beautiful soft lines. Concentrated pigmentation ensures saturation and depth of color. Excellent for creating a sketch before coloring the eyebrows (paint or henna) - the pencil allows the dye to pass through the skin.


  • is distinguished by a twisting rod;
  • supplemented with a functional brush;
  • has a powdery texture;
  • lays down gently, forming a saturated coating;
  • thanks to concentrated pigmentation, pleases with a deep color;
  • allows you to create beautiful, perfect lines;
  • suitable for drawing sketches before coloring eyebrows;
  • does not require sharpening - eliminates unnecessary movements.

Shade: Cold Blond 02

How to use:
Comb the eyebrows with a brush to make the look more open, then apply the pencil in an upward motion. Blend the pencil with a brush.

Volume: 0.5 g

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