AS Company

Mineral pigments for eyebrows set 10ML (8 pieces)

279,30€ 399€

Pigment for permanent makeup TM AS-Company by Alina Shakhova Brow Mineral (eyebrow pigments 8 pcs).

AS COMPANY presents a new, perfect product on the permanent make-up market - premium class mineral pigments. Predictable results, stable shade, even distribution of the coloring matter are a priority in the development of mineral pigments. .

The pigments are based on premium raw materials, designed to enhance the depth of color and create a rich, eye-catching shade.

  • M1 Blond
  • M2 Dark Blond
  • M3 Light Brown
  • M4 Dark Brown
  • M5 Black Brown
  • M6 Dark Brown Haired
  • M7 Orange Corrector
  • M8 Brown Haired.

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