Okis brow

Okis Patches for eyes and eyebrows


Moisturizing eye patches OKIS

PATCHES for eyes & eyebrows OKIS BROW sponsors your fresh and radiant look!

Moisturizing hydrogel patches with a powerful cocktail of nutrients are designed to care for the delicate skin under the eyes and in the eyebrow area.

Hyaluronic acid, damask rose extract, and betaine in the composition deeply moisturize the skin and provide its elasticity and healthy glow.

Collagen and pearl extract help cell regeneration, smooth texture, and smooth wrinkles. Caffeine deeply nourishes and soothes the skin, helping to fight flabbiness, dryness, inflammation, and flaking of the skin. Literally, after the first application, the skin around the eyes becomes smoother, and swelling and signs of lack of sleep disappear.

  • intense hydration
  • nutrition and recovery
  • radiance and freshness of the skin
  • wrinkle smoothing
  • saturation with vitamins
  • tone equalization
  • elimination of puffiness
  • prevention of dryness and flaking

Quantity: 60 pcs

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