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Pre Made Volume Lashes 8D 0.05 D curl



Pre-Made Volume Fans are ultra light eyelash extensions that are connected at the base with a very minimal amount of glue that you can place as you are used to with the One by One technique. Naturally made from the best quality PBT. Pre-Made Volume Fans also make it possible for lash stylists who are not yet trained in the volume technique to set a volume set and give the customer that beautiful full look. Time is money, we all know the saying! This not only means for you as an eyelash stylist that you can do more customers in a day, but also a customer can be very happy with this. Imagine, a beautiful set of volume lashes in the time of a One by One set! For stylists who are trained in the volume technique, but not yet advanced enough to be able to make speed with a full set, the Pre-Made Fans are a great solution. You can then alternate your handmade fans with Pre-Made Fans and still within a reasonable amount of time. 

Thickness: 0.05

Available in sizes: 7 to 14mm.

There are 22 rows in a box (308 fans)

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