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Pro Made Spikes (400 fans)


Pro Made Spikes are hand made from 5 extensions in a very narrow fan so that it becomes a spike. Perfect for creating the Kim K look! Spikes can be used with both the Super Fans and the Narrow Fans. Fit spikes that are 2 or 3 sizes longer for great results.

Where Pre Made Fans are machined using a small amount of glue, our new Pro Made Fans are completely hand made and heat bonded into a perfect pointed base. Of course our Pro Made Fans are made of the best quality pbt, super soft, flexible and intense black.

Pro Made Spikes are available in mix trays in CC and D curl.

A mix tray contains the following sizes: 2x10mm, 3x11mm, 3x12mm, 3x13mm, 3x14mm, 3x15mm, 2x 16mm and 1x 17mm

Pro Made Fans are designed to be picked up at the base of the strip.

spikes heat bonded


400 fans in a box

available in CC and D curl

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