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SWEET KISS – Lash Cleaner with Biotin


This High-Tech Lash Cleaner with a pleasant scent ensures optimal pre-treatment of the eyelashes. Due to the correct percentage of alcohol, it reliably cleans, degreases and sterilizes the natural lashes and thus increases the grip of the extensions so that the glue adheres better It is generally known that alcohol dries out the lashes and our glue needs moisture to to harden. With this in mind, our Lash Cleaner is enriched with Biotin.

Biotin also known as vitamin B7 ensures that the lashes remain hydrated and also has a strengthening effect on the natural lashes and keeps them healthy. Sweet Kiss, our absolute favorite for optimal adhesion!

Directions for use: Apply one pump to a disposable mascara brush, then brush through lashes from base to tip. Then let it dry for 20 seconds. The use of microbrushes or a lipgloss applicator is of course also possible.

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