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Article: All about eyelash extensions

All about eyelash extensions

All about eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are currently one of the most popular treatments, but is it just a trend or a lasting treatment? Those who regularly get eyelash extensions are completely enamored with them, and we completely understand why. However, others may not feel the same... Let us explain why in this article!

- You wake up looking radiant.
- No need for mascara anymore.
- Swimming, showering, and exercising are all possible.
- Ideal for vacations.
- Completely painless treatment.
- Various styles available, tailored to your preferences.
- Touch-ups every 3-4 weeks for consistently full lashes.
- You don't feel the extensions.
- Harmless to natural lashes.
- Eyes appear lifted, giving a youthful, fresh look.
- Time-saving.

- Addictive! It's hard to live without them once you have them.
- They are temporary, like all other eyelash treatments, because your natural lash cycle continues.
- Incorrect placement can cause itching, discomfort, or a pulling sensation.
- Allergic reactions are always possible.
- Requires touch-ups every 3-4 weeks, which not everyone has time for.
- No more oil-based products and regular washing with special lash shampoo (otherwise, there's a risk of inflammation or infection).
- You can't remove them yourself.
- Many find them quite pricey, but it's a luxury treatment.

The reason why eyelash extensions are often viewed negatively is because not everyone applies them correctly. If they are too long or too heavy, they can damage your natural lashes. Additionally, lashes must be neatly isolated to prevent damage and discomfort. Or, the stylist may give a completely different style than what the client desires.

The most important thing is to find a good lash stylist, take good care of them, and have the budget for it. If you're worried about an allergic reaction, ask your lash stylist to perform an allergy test, where inconspicuous extensions are placed on a few lashes of each eye.

Honesty and accurate information are our top priorities, and we hope to welcome you soon for a treatment!

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