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Foam eyepatches rollFoam eyepatches roll
Foam eyepatches roll Sale price8,95€
So Addicted 0.2-0.5 secSo Addicted 0.2-0.5 sec
So Addicted 0.2-0.5 sec Sale priceFrom 14,25€
NEW! 5D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)NEW! 5D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)
Pink tape
Pink tape Sale price3,25€
Applicators pinkApplicators pink
Applicators pink Sale price2,40€
Be Lovely – Lash Shampoo SensitiveBe Lovely – Lash Shampoo Sensitive
Obsessed 0.5-1 secObsessed 0.5-1 sec
Obsessed 0.5-1 sec Sale priceFrom 21,95€
Mascara brushes light rose glitter
Super Bonder – Stuck on YouSuper Bonder – Stuck on You
Sold outINSANE All Season Glue
INSANE All Season Glue Sale price34,95€
Microbrushes pinkMicrobrushes pink
Microbrushes pink Sale price6,95€
Oh my lash Macro LensOh my lash Macro Lens
Oh my lash Macro Lens Sale price17,95€
Foldable LED ring light for smartphonesFoldable LED ring light for smartphones
Selfie ring lightSelfie ring light
Selfie ring light Sale price7,95€
Lash pillow blackLash pillow black
Lash pillow black Sale price49,95€
Mascara brushes silicone black glitter
After care cards - 25 pcs
After care cards - 25 pcs Sale price4,95€
Be Lovely – Lash Shampoo Sensitive 10ML
Foam bottleFoam bottle
Foam bottle Sale price2,60€
READY FOR ME? – Diamond Coated Volume Tweezer 45°
Luxury bag (10pcs)Luxury bag (10pcs)
Luxury bag (10pcs) Sale price11,50€
Femme Fatale - Luxury Silk Lashes M Curl
Sold outStrawberry Cream Remover
Strawberry Cream Remover Sale price17,50€
MRS. (ALWAYS) RIGHT – Alcohol Free Lash CleanerMRS. (ALWAYS) RIGHT – Alcohol Free Lash Cleaner
Hygrometer Sale price12,95€
Mini fan
Mini fan Sale price14,95€
Lash pillow nude pink
Lash pillow nude pink Sale price49,95€
Mascara brushes silicone rose glitter
Hydro Gel Eye patches (10 Pairs)Hydro Gel Eye patches (10 Pairs)
Mini Hydro Gel Eye patches (10 Pairs)
Cleansing brushes for lashes - 5 pcs
NEW Oh My Lash PINK Adhesive 0.3 sec
NEW Oh My Lash BROWN Adhesive 0.3 sec
Midnight Affair 2.0 D KrulMidnight Affair 2.0 D Krul
Midnight Affair 2.0 D Krul Sale priceFrom 19,95€
Midnight Affair 2.0 CC KrulMidnight Affair 2.0 CC Krul
Midnight Affair 2.0 CC Krul Sale priceFrom 19,95€
Lash mirror Heart
Lash mirror Heart Sale price17,50€
Lash shampoo concentrateLash shampoo concentrate
Lash shampoo concentrate Sale price1,75€
4D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)4D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)
L CURL 5D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)
L CURL 3D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)
M CURL 3D Premade Professional (1200 narrow fans)
M CURL 5D Premade Professional (900 narrow fans)
3D Premade Professional (1200 narrow fans)3D Premade Professional (1200 narrow fans)
8D Pro-Made Super Fans XXL (600 fans)
Obsessed 0.1 secObsessed 0.1 sec
Obsessed 0.1 sec Sale priceFrom 21,95€
Obsessed 1-2 secObsessed 1-2 sec
Obsessed 1-2 sec Sale priceFrom 21,95€
Sweet Love Sensitive Glue
Sweet Love Sensitive Glue Sale price39,95€
Rhinestone cleansing brush for lashes - 3 pcsRhinestone cleansing brush for lashes - 3 pcs