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Be Lovely – Lash Shampoo Sensitive 10ML


Be Lovely Lash Shampoo is a cleanser developed with the aim of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the entire eye area and can be used as an aftercare for eyelash extensions. The full risk of infection and the build-up of situations. Our specially applied shampoo can be used daily to clean your lashes without weakening the glue of the lash extensions. It will help strengthen the natural lashes from the roots and leave your lashes clean, fresh and healthy.

- Sterilizes the eyelashes (keep the demodex mite in check and prevents blepharitis)

-Without SLS

-Without dyes

-Without perfume

-With vitamin Pro B5: for strong and elastic eyelashes

-With Magnolia extract: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

-Free from oil

-Free from parabens

-Perfect to use before the eyelash extensions treatment and after the treatment for your customers

- Also removes eye makeup well

-Very good sales product

-PH 7

*Recommended retail price consumer: € 7.25

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