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Super Bonder – Stuck on You


Stuck on You – Super Bonder has many benefits but the most amazing thing is that it increases retention by over 30%. It increases the flexibility of the adhesive and improves the attachment of the lash extensions to the natural lash and helps reduce adhesive fumes and reduce irritation to the client's eyes.

Super Bonder speeds up the drying time of the glue, allowing your client to wet her lashes three minutes after the treatment.

Directions for use: after the treatment, apply a Super Bonder to a microbrush and then apply it to the attachment of the eyelash extensions. After the treatment, wait 2 minutes before applying the Super Bonder.

Use 1-2 drops of Super Bonder on a microbrush and apply only to the bonding points. (Do not oversaturate; a little product is enough.) If you use a nanomister during your service, use it 3 minutes AFTER the super bonder is applied

Please note: this product is not suitable if an allergy to the glue has already developed! 15ml Made in Germany

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