Oh my Lash

Obsessed 1-2 sec


We are obsessed! This new series of adhesives attracts like a magnet and is super strong. In addition, this glue is oil-resistant and waterproof. Your customers no longer have to wait 24 hours before the eyelashes can get wet and your customers no longer have to use oil-free products around the eyes.

  • drying time 1-2 sec
  • Oil resistant
  • waterproof
  • thin viscosity
  • flexible
  • very strong (retention 7-9 weeks)
  • suitable for one by one and volume
  • for the advanced eyelash stylist
  • humidity level 35% – 65%
  • temperature 18 – 27 degrees
  • low in vapors
  • available in 3ml and 5ml
  • also available in 0.1 sec and 0.5-1 sec

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