Maxymova Brow lift 1 Lavender - 5 single-dose 1.5 ml sachets


If you want to create perfect eyebrows, MAXYMOVA BROW LIFT Lavender delicate lamination treatment is the ideal solution for you!
With its specially designed formulation, you can achieve a natural and long-lasting look without compromising the health of your eyebrows.

With each sachet that allows you to do eyebrow lamination up to 3-4 times. Furthermore, this product was developed in collaboration with the best lamimakers in Italy, to offer you the highest quality.

The BROW LIFT 1 Lavender contains keratin, biotin and hydrolyzed silk proteins to nourish and protect your eyebrows, keeping them healthy and strong. Furthermore, the lavender fragrance will make the treatment even more relaxing and pleasant.

Thanks to its delicate formulation, this product is suitable for all types of eyebrows and does not contain Thioglycolic Acid, to guarantee maximum safety and respect for your skin.

Indications: Delicate lamination treatment, indicated for eyebrows with fine and medium hairs.

Packaging: 5 sachets 1.5 ml BROW LIFT 1 Lavender (to be used with BROW FIX 2 Lavender)

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