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Eyebrow palette limited edition

24,50€ 35€

Eyeshadows with the effect of "powder" allow the eyebrows to look flawless and natural at the same time! Soft, deep shades will give the eyebrows clarity and personality! The tones of the shadows amazingly match the natural shades of the hair!

Makes eyebrow makeup stable throughout the day, which will be especially appreciated by owners of oily skin. The formula is easy to blend to create smooth transitions and ombre.

It has a soft pigmentation and is suitable for filling in the gaps between the hairs. With the help of a brush and a soft brush, you can quickly create a natural shape and add saturation to the eyebrows, while a delicate shimmering highlighter will accentuate the curve and give the image more elegance. Shadows with the effect of "powder" can be layered and get both a translucent coating and bright, graphic eyebrows, making it possible to make both a light shade and a rich dark one.

The unique palette system contains 2 professional approaches to design: a make-up artist and a brow-master, it also allows you to independently select your favorite shades and create the maximum number of different combinations.

The texture of the shadows is soft, satin, sliding, with intense pigmentation, and saturated. Makeup will easily last all day. Spend economically.
Comfortable to wear: do not crumble, do not dust, do not roll off, sufficiently pigmented, do not wash off, do not imprint, do not crumble from the eyebrows, and are not noticeable on the skin.

Can be used before coloring. Pass tint and henna.

Made in the USA

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