Okis brow

Okis hand sanitizer


A tiny assistant in the fight against viruses and bacteria that will fit in the smallest purse!

The antiseptic is based on natural ethyl alcohol, the safest for external use. The product cleanses the surface of the hands from dangerous bacteria and viruses, refreshes, and has a pleasant aroma. With repeated use, it does not disturb the lipid balance of the skin, while maintaining its protective properties. Thanks to aloe extract, it perfectly moisturizes the skin, fights the appearance of cracks, and heals micro damages.

It has a convenient format, ideal for use in any situation, and does not take up much space. Doesn't leave a sticky feeling as it absorbs very quickly.

  • disinfects
  • moisturizes
  • does not stick
  • does not bake
  • quickly absorbed
  • has a convenient miniature format
  • pleasant aroma

Volume: 16 ml

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