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Henna - Foxy


Henna for eyebrows EkkoBeauty in FOXY shade for dyeing eyebrows “fiery”, red-haired girls. When mixed with other henna shades, it gives the final color a pronounced warm undertone.

in a sauce state – a marmalade shade with a slight effect on the skin;

in the state of sour cream – bronze with the effect of medium color density on the skin.

EKKOBEAUTY henna eyebrow dyeing is a guarantee of a beautifully contoured shape and natural shade. At the end of the procedure, you get a perfect result with a pronounced caring effect – firmer and shinier eyebrow hairs in just one procedure.

-Long-lasting color – on hairs up to 8 weeks, on skin up to 14 days.

-High ability to stain leather.

-The most natural shades.

-An instant effect of well-groomed, naturally beautiful eyebrows.

-Endless color palette thanks to the ability to mix tones.

-Nourish and protect every hair.

-Stimulates the growth of new hair along the coloring contour.

How to use:

-The product is intended for professional use.

-Do not use the product:

-After the expiration date.

-On inflamed / damaged skin.

-For dyeing eyelashes.

-It is not recommended to keep EkkoBeauty henna on -eyebrows for more than 20 minutes!

-Avoid getting the dye mixture on your clothes.

-Perform a standard elbow test before use to check for possible allergic reactions.

-Store the product in a dry, dark place out of reach of children and animals. 

Instructions for use:

  1. Carry out make-up removal and cleanse the eyebrow area with EkkoBeauty scrub.
  2. In a non-metallic container, mix EkkoBeauty mineral solution and henna powder in a proportion sufficient to obtain the desired consistency. After preparation, the mixture must be used immediately.
  3. With a flat synthetic brush, evenly apply the mixture strictly according to the planned shape of the eyebrows. If necessary, correct the border of application with a dry cotton swab.
  4. Exposure – from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on what intensity of hair and skin color you want to get. To achieve a positive staining result, EkkoBeauty Henna does not require complete drying.
  5. Remove the surface layer of the coloring composition with a cotton pad moistened with EkkoBeauty eyebrow and eyelash growth oil. Finally, remove henna residues from the eyebrow area with plain water.

Composition / Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis, Indigofera argentea, Emblica officinalis, Sodium PCA, Tartaric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Acacia Concinna, Citric Acid, P-Aminophenol.

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