Maxymova Hyaluron lash mask intensive care home serum


Nourishing and strengthening mask for eyelashes to propose to your customers. Hydrates and helps strengthen the coat. Ideal as a home maintenance after Eyelash Lamination treatment

⭐ Innovative mask that nourishes and moisturizes the lashes

⭐ LASHES AND EYEBROWS NATURALLY LONGER AND DULL. The product is recommended for people whose eyelashes are short, weakened or damaged by inappropriate products.

⭐ ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 3 hyaluronic acids, collagen, vitamin F, Vitamin B5, keratin, vitamin E, Tussilago farfara L. folia, Achillea millefolium L. flores, Cinchona officinalis L. cortex

⭐ APPLY IN 10 seconds. A small amount of the mask on the base of the eyelashes and clean eyebrows 2 times a day, comb through.

Made in Italy product

Content: 1pc * 5ml airless.

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