Soigné Pro

Pink glitter ice globes


How to Use:

Ensure to refrigerate the globes on time; take them out before your treatment. Gently massage the globes over the contours of your face and eyes to reduce puffiness and promote blood circulation for a super-refreshed skin.

Use the ice globes in the morning to wake up your sleepy skin and in the evening to destress.

We recommend massaging your face for 5-15 minutes.

You can combine it with a sheet mask, sleep mask, regular mask, cream, or serum.

With regular use, it has been proven to:

  • Reduce under-eye discoloration and puffiness.
  • Eliminate redness, reduce pigmentation, and shrink pores.
  • Stimulate blood circulation and oxygen in the skin.
  • Soothe sinus pain, headaches, and muscle tension.
  • Accelerate product absorption.

1 pair.

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