Lamination pump system Step 2


eyelash lamination. Lifting cream breaks the disulfide bonds within the lashes to create additional curl.

The "No Stress" bottle: you can see the residual quantity of the product in our transparent airless container.

MAXYMOVA® Professional products for eyelash and eyebrow lamination Developed in collaboration with the best lamimakers in Italy.

✨ New shiny texture! No unpleasant smell!

🔥 Gentle and effective revolutionary formula.

Step 1 - LIFT, lifting cream PH 8.2-8.9, exposure time 4-9 minutes. Thin and weak eyelashes 4-5 min Medium lashes 6-7 min Thick lashes 8-9 min Very thick lashes 10 min

Step 2 - FIX PH 2,4-4 fixing cream, processing time 7-8 min.

Step 3 - Keratin Booster, final oil with keratin, collagen and aloe vera You can use the products for the brow lift treatment (eyebrow lamination).

Content: 15 ml (for 50 treatments) PAO - 4 M For professional use only Made in Italy 🇮🇹

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