Maxymova Lash lamination kit - START KIT with DYE and oxidant


Professional eyelash and eyebrow lamination kit

White box in soft touch. Pleasant to the touch and convenient for storing all your accessories and products.

The kit contains:

Step 1 LIFT airless bottle - 15ml

Step 2 FIX airless bottle - 15ml

Keratin Drop

15ml Lash & Brow Cocktail

15ml Laminating glue

5ml Hydrogel eyelash extension patches and lamination

5 pairs LIFT curlers set 4 pairs

Magnetic brush mod.6

Accessory Kits: 3 Y-combs 10 Lip glosses 10 combs 30 microbrushes

As a gift tint + oxidant!


Photos for demonstration purposes only. The product description is authentic. The kit may vary based on stock availability.

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