Maxymova Lavender brow lamination kit MINI - START KIT

65€ 82,70€

New Kit Brow Lift MAXYMOVA Lavender Brow! For lavender eyebrow lamination.

The kit contains:

Brow Lift 1 Lavender - 15ml (the first step of the treatment)

Brow Fix Lavender - 15ml (the second step of the treatment)

Lash & Brow Cocktail - 15ml (the last step of the treatment)


Gentle lamination treatment, suitable for all types of eyebrows but mostly sensitive skin and fine/normal hair. Enriched with keratin, biotin and hydrolyzed silk proteins. Keratin, a natural component of the hair, helps restructure the eyebrows leaving them softer and smoother. Silk proteins improve the manageability of the brows and give them softness and shine. Biotin (vitamin H) plays a key role in the growth of hair, hair and nails, participating in the synthesis of keratin. Its formulation has been specially designed to perform eyebrow lamination in a gentle and delicate way, trying to satisfy the client with a more natural and long-lasting result. Step 1 does not contain Thioglycolic Acid.

15 ml airless bottles for 25-30 eyebrow lamination treatments. Lavender fragrance

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