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LED moon light - Newest version 2023

259€ 349€

Discover our newest beauty light, there is no better one on the market right now. A lamp where you get equal light without shadows on your work surface/customer. you can work with it for hours because the LEDs are flicker-free, so the lamp does not tire the eyes either. There are no less than 320LEDS in it to give this effect. The lamp can rotate 360 ​​degrees to make it even easier for you. Ideal for beauty sector, tattoo shops, MUA etc. There are two dimmers on the lamp, one is a switch and brightness adjustment. The other is the color temperature adjustment, you can change the color temperature from 2700K to 5600K. We design all electrical systems ourselves and each lamp is tested for more than an hour to make sure it works stably.

High CRI (Color Rendering)

Made of original imported SMD led beads, high power and high color rendering index 95+, flicker-free, low energy consumption, LEDS whose lifespan is 50000 hours

Shadow-free work

Round LED with milky diffusion provides soft and natural light, not dazzling. 360 degrees shadow-free light.


Easy to move and the heavy solid base ensures good balance during operation or movement. There is a built-in power circuit, which makes the lamp safe and reliable to use.


  • LED lamp
  • upright
  • Smartphone holder
  • Power cord
  • Manual

CE certified.


The LED moon light comes with a 12 month warranty. If you encounter any problems with your device, please contact us immediately at

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