Okis brow



Clean Tonic for cleansing eyebrows and eyelashes OKIS BROW.

Provides high-quality and delicate removal of residues of laminated products, paint, henna, glue and Botox, tones and moisturizes the hairs and skin around the eyes.

Rice bran protein hydrolyzate and betaine in the composition activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, strengthen the skin, eliminate flabbiness and atony, moisturize and soften the skin.

The properties and active components of the product will not only allow you to quickly and efficiently clean your eyebrows and eyelashes during lamination, coloring and Botox procedures, but also ensure the prolongation of the effect of the procedures.

How to use:

Аpply tonic on a cotton pad / stick and remove the remnants of llama/glue/botox/paint/henna from eyebrows or eyelashes. Does not require rinsing with water.

Suitable for use in home care as a tonic after make-up remover.

Volume: 30 ml

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