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Love potion Vit C primer


Love Potion is here to change your lash life! This new generation Primer is THE all-in-one primer. It cleans very thoroughly and removes all dirt and oils. Because the Love Potion is PH neutral, it ensures a very good bond with the glue. This Primer not only cleans the lashes and provides better adhesion, it also nourishes the lash with carefully selected active ingredients and is packed with vitamins.

Amino acids: care for the natural eyelash

Soy Extract: Keeps lashes hydrated Biotin: promotes hair growth and protects eyelashes because it is rich in antioxidants

Vitamin C: keeps lashes healthy and helps prevent hair breakage.

In addition, the Love Potion optimizes a humidity that is too low because it allows the glue to cure faster. Because the primer is PH Neutral, and therefore close to the PH values ​​in the lotions of the Lash Volume Lift, this is also THE best pre-treatment for the eyelash lift treatment to achieve fantastic results.

Directions for use: Apply the primer with an applicator to the natural lashes and let it dry for 10-20 seconds. For an even better result, use the Mrs. Right Glue Dry Liquid.


Made in EU

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