Mast Pro

MAST-PRO 1003RL, 0,30mm, Taper:5mm (20 pieces)


MAST Pro cartridges have been tested and approved by many permanent makeup artists. The needles are made to order from high-quality surgical steel grade 304L and perfectly polished. The guide tube is made of high-quality wear-resistant plastic. The body and needle are a monolithic structure, providing high stability and an unobstructed smooth flow of pigment in the work.

Each cartridge has been completely disinfected with ethylene oxide and packed in a single-use package. At all stages of production, products undergo strict quality control.

All these features contribute to flawless color reproduction on the client's skin. Providing exceptional comfort in work.

Mast Pro cartridges are suitable for working with all machines of the Mast, MICRON-PRO, Defenderr, Cheyenne, Scorpion, Proton, InkJecta, Vertigo, Xion S standard.

    • Configuration: Round Liner
    • Diameter : 0.30 mm
    • Sharpening length: Long Taper (long - 5 mm)
  • There are 20 cartridges in a package

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