MAXYMOVA AFTER LIFT Regenerator - Strengthening and restructuring serum for eyelashes

Concentrated serum with a complex of biosilicates extracted from bamboo.
Thanks to the mixture of active ingredients with a repairing and film-forming action that it contains, it seals the hair, strengthens it if damaged and makes it healthy and strong. 

Our eyelash lamination procedure is now enriched by a new step: the complete removal of LIFT Step 1 using the AFTER LIFT Regenerator serum.
This addition guarantees unprecedented effectiveness and durability of the result. We then proceed with Step 2 FIX, the application of the color, the Goccia serum, and conclude with the Lash&brow Cocktail.

Integrating this phase into the eyelash lamination process brings with it multiple benefits:
A) The use of the AFTER LIFT Regenerator serum to completely remove Step 1 ensures deeper cleansing.
B) Facilitates achieving optimal eyelash tension on silicone curlers.

This method makes the lashes more flexible and manageable, making it easier to lift them to obtain the desired shape and tension. 

Contents: 5ml

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