MAXYMOVA Henna for Eyebrows - Booster grey

Innovative eyebrow coloring and care technology.
Does not require the use of hydrogen peroxide or special oxidizer.
The main advantages of eyebrow coloring with MAXYMOVA henna: eyebrow coloring for a long time.

5 to 10 days on skin, 2 to 6 weeks on eyebrow hair.

Contains: 5 gr
Made in Italy

WARNINGS: Eyebrow dyes can cause severe allergic reactions.
Do not use if skin is irritated. Contains phenylenediamine. Wear
suitable gloves. For professional use only. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
24 hours before staining, please do an allergy patch test on the inside of the elbow.
For a better result we recommend: do not wet the eyebrow area on the first day and use our Vitamin Brow Oil Maxymova.

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