Maxymova LIFT eyelash curlers - Colibrì - semi-transparent - 5 pairs


Colibri curlers are made of soft silicone that can be washed and sterilized in an autoclave, ensuring high hygiene standards.
The package contains 5 pairs of different sizes (S1, M1, L1, XL1, LL1) which allow you to obtain a lifting effect on eyelashes of different lengths, even very long ones (LL size). Thanks to the anatomical shape of the curlers, they adhere perfectly to the eyelids

without the need to use glue, making the eyelash lamination process even more convenient and faster.
They are also made of an ultra-soft silicone.

A distinctive feature of these curlers is the semi-transparent color with glitter, which does not retain the tint color during the eyelash lamination procedure. 

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