Maxymova Monodose brow gel fix & go Vanilla

1,90€ 19€

Single dose Brow Gel Fix & Go - Vanilla
Your client's eyebrows after brow lift will always be in order with the new keratin Brow Gel!

◊ Firms the eyebrows
◊ It has a natural finish that lasts all day
◊ Easy application

• Panthenol has regenerating and soothing properties, effective for fortifying the eyebrows.
• Silk hydrolyzate has a direct moisturizing effect by forming a protective veil that reduces dehydration.
• Keratin, a natural component of the hair, nourishes and restructures, leaving the eyebrows softer and smoother.
• Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and minerals. It makes hair soft and shiny and is indicated for its ability to stimulate its growth

Vanilla scent
Contents: 1.5 ml

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