Maxymova UNIVERSAL curlers 8 pairs + free compensators and curlers for lower eyelashes


Transparent Glitter Curlers for Eyelash Lifting - Complete Kit for a Stunning Look

Made from high quality clear silicone, these curlers not only ensure perfect lash lift but also add a touch of glamor with the sparkling glitter.

Main Features:
- Without Retaining Dye: Our transparent curlers are designed not to retain dye.
Package Contents:
- 8 pairs of curlers in different sizes to adapt to your specific needs.

Available sizes: 
2. S
3. M
4. L
5. LL
6. LL+
7. XL
8 . - 1 pair of compensators to ensure maximum precision during the rolling process. Made of transparent silicone with glitter, our curlers can be sterilized in an autoclave, ensuring maximum hygiene and safety during use. Add a touch of elegance to your lash lifting routine with our clear glitter curlers. 

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