MOKA Pigment For Professional Eyebrows, 10 ml

MAXYMOVA Eyebrow Pigments are great for all permanent makeup (hair to hair, ombre, nano) and brow microblading techniques, with a smooth and velvety color texture.
• Colour: MOKA
• Content: 10 ml
• Reach tested
• Complies with REACH regulation
• Can be mixed individually with each other
• Gamma sterilization
• Sealed
• Free from iron oxides
• Shelf life 12 months after opening

• no color change
• excellent durability in the skin, less rework
• 70–80% of pigments remain visible after regeneration,
pigments fade evenly
• 100% free from iron oxides, heavy metals and microplastics
• only organic-synthetic components

Are you looking for the best way to offer your clients flawless brows?
Are you in need of high-quality brow pigments that will enable you to deliver long-lasting and true-to-life results? Then, look no further! MAXYMOVA
eyebrow pigments is the ultimate solution for long-lasting and realistic results, the right pigments to deliver amazing results to your clients. With our wide range of 5 shades, you will be able to satisfy any client with the technique of their choice, offering a personalized and perfect solution for every type of client. Our brow pigments are formulated with the highest pigment load, ensuring exceptional healing results with 70-80% color retention.

Our unique blend of the highest quality pigments and absolute ingredients ensures the highest concentration of pigment for extraordinary results.

Perfect alone or blended to create a custom shade, each batch is tested for consistency and safety; therefore, you never have to worry about nasty additives or how the colors will look on your customer's skin.

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