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Noemi Developer 0%

ABSOLUTE NEWS in the world of eyebrow and eyelash tinting!

We developed the NOEMI Oxidant Corrector without hydrogen peroxide.
Now you can create the desired percentage of oxidizer yourself.

0% Oxidant Corrector, when mixed with other oxidants, reduces the percentage of hydrogen peroxide. The chemical composition of NOEMI oxidants remains unchanged while their cosmetic effect is enhanced.

The 0% Oxidant Corrector allows you to create the desired percentage of oxidant for eyebrow and eyelash coloring.

Contains soothing and moisturizing components that have a positive effect on hair and provide a wonderful cosmetic effect during dyeing.

In summary: 0% helps reduce the percentage of peroxide. For example, it can be added to 3% after lamination or for tinting eyelashes. This makes dyeing more gentle. 
Example: Mix it 1:1 with Noemi Solution 6% to get a 3% developer. Or mixed with Noemi Solution 3% you get 1.5%. You determine the strength yourself.

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