Noemi hybrid DYE kit


This kit includes:

All 9 Dye Colors

Clear adjuster (can dilute or lighten color or be used alone for a nourishing treatment)

100ml developer

Noemi Brow primer

Noemi color remover

The Noemi Dye are hybrid colors. Due to the perfect composition of the colors, it finally simplifies the coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes. The colors can be used 100% pure without getting an unwanted yellow, red or green tint. The colors can also be mixed with each other to obtain special mixtures. In addition, they do not darken the eyebrows, because the color lightens the natural hair 1-2 shades beforehand. So you always have the perfect and desired result.

Advantages of this hybrid color are that it conditions and colors the hair. It protects against hair breakage, gives fullness, shine and stimulates hair growth. It leaves a tattoo effect on the skin. The colors contain henna extract, olive oil, green tea and aloe vera.


Mixing ratio: 1:1 (Solution : Dye)

Exposure time 10 - 15 min.

The full kit includes all 9x shades, 1x corrector, 100ml developer, primer and color remover

CLICK HERE FOR THE NOEMI MANUAL - for more information on the Noemi hybrid DYE ingredients, colour theory, preparation, processing times and more.

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