The set consists of:

Perming Lotion 1 : is the first step in eyelash or brow lifting, after which the eyelashes have been attached to the silicone pad. It opens the hair structure and the eyelashes/eyebrows are given the desired shape. Exposure time: 5-8 minutes.

The Fix Lotion 2 : is the next step after the Perming Lotion. It neutralizes the hair and closes the eyelashes/eyebrows in their new shape. Exposure time: 5-8 minutes.

Nourish 3 : is used as the last step after lifting or coloring. It contains important ingredients including keratin, which gives the hair care and moisture after a lifting. Gently loosens and removes the silicone pads from the eyelids.

Vitamin Filler : to maximally nourish and care for the eyelashes. In addition to hydrolyzed keratin proteins and hydrolyzed jojoba proteins, it contains functional ingredients: 3 vitamins (A, B, E) and 1 provitamin (B5) as well as 3 natural oils. A working energy formula for the eyelashes.

Noemi Lifting Glue : to attach the eyelashes to the silicone pad and the pad to the eyelid.

Y-Tool : for attaching and separating the eyelashes on the silicone pad.

Premium Noemi Pads (S,M,L,XL)

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Shelf life after opening: Up to 6 months