Noemi Swatches - Mix-Filter


Discover the revolution in customer service with the unique Noemi Filters! We know that sound advice is of paramount importance to our customers and our innovative filters make this easier than ever.

Imagine being able to choose the perfect color for your customers while showing them how best to use it. With the noemi filters, this dream becomes reality! Your advice will appear so professional and well thought-out that your customers will be impressed.

Why just pick a color and start with when you can add a touch of magic with the noemi filters? Experience the "wow" effect you achieve with professional mixing options that are guaranteed to impress.

Our noemi filters offer a total of 9 unique variants that have been specially developed by professionals to cover a wide range of customer types. With over 36 possible mix options, you have many creative options to achieve the perfect result for your customers.

Increase your success rate and inspire your customers with the outstanding possibilities of Noemi filters.

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