Oh my Lash

Obsessed 0.5-1 sec


We are obsessed! Are you a very experienced eyelash stylist and ready for the fastest glue on the market? We got you! With a drying time of 0.1 sec, our newest glue Obsessed is the fastest glue available on the market and attracts like a magnet.

In addition, this glue is oil resistant and waterproof. Your customers no longer have to wait 24 hours before the lashes can get wet and your customers no longer have to use oil-free products.

NB; if you are not experienced enough for this super fast drying time, it will result in poor retention. Still enthusiastic about the fantastic properties of this glue? The Osessed glue is also available in 0.5-1 sec and 1-2 sec drying time.

  • fast eyelash glue 0.1 sec
  • Oil resistant
  • waterproof
  • thin viscosity
  • flexible
  • very strong (retention 7-9 weeks)
  • suitable for one by one and volume
  • exclusively for the advanced eyelash stylist
  • humidity level 35% – 65%
  • temperature 18 – 27 degrees
  • low in vapors
  • available in 3ml and 5ml
  • also available in 0.5-1 sec and 1-2 sec

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