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OKIS Eyebrow dye set with oxidant, 4 shades, tubes

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Cream-dye for eyebrows with oxidizing agent with henna extract OKIS BROW.

Permanent cream-paint helps to achieve the effect of tattooing and demonstrates high durability: on the skin for up to 10 days, on hair up to 40 days.


  1. Cold Blond — the lightest in the palette, has a cool temperature, ideal for ash blondes. If you need to darken it, you should add 20% Gentle Brown. Also ideal for diluting any of the colors in the palette. A beautiful mix would also be Cold Blond and Hot Brunette for girls with light brown hair.
  2. Deep Black  — a color that is not used in its pure form to color eyebrows. It is suitable for tinting eyelashes (1-2 minutes). Also ideal for darkening other shades or making a color cooler.
  3. Gentle Brown — warm, medium intensity color. Perfect for red-haired girls and warm blondes. Gentle Brown is responsible in the line of colors for brightness and maximum durability. The more you add to the mix, the brighter and warmer the color will be.
  4. Hot Brunette — dark, rich brown color. Suitable for warm brunettes and brown-haired women. If a cooler color is required, then you need to add Deep Black brightness, or Cold Blond for a more delicate brown shade.


  1. Medium density creamy consistency
  2. Lawsonia extract (henna leaves) allows you to get a bright and long-lasting coloring result
  3. Easy and quick to mix
  4. Keeps its shape perfectly during decoration
  5. Does not spread when applied
  6. Allows you to easily draw graphic lines and do light, airy coloring or tinting
  7. Has a pleasant aroma

Method of application Eyebrow cream-dye OKIS BROW: degrease the skin with OKIS BROW eyebrow and eyelash shampoo, mix the cream-color with an oxidizing agent in a non-metallic container 1:1. Apply the color mixture evenly to the eyebrows andhold from 1 minute to 15 minutes. Then wash off with paint fixative. The exposure time canvary the color intensity from 1 minute to 15 minutes. The paint exposure time is up to 15 minutes, allowing the master to apply the dye in perfect lines and in a dense layer. 

Shelf life unopened: 36 months
Shelf life after opening: 3 months

Volume: 4*Tube with cream paint 15ml + bottle with oxidizing agent 3% 20ml

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