PEACH PINK Pigment For Professional Lip Tattoo, 10 ml

• Colour: PEACH PINK
• Content: 10 ml
• Reach tested
• Complies with REACH regulation
• Can be mixed individually with each other
• Gamma sterilization
• Sealed
• Free from iron oxides
• Shelf life 12 months after opening

• none color change
• excellent durability in the skin, less rework
• 100% free from iron oxides, heavy metals and microplastics
• only organic-synthetic components MAXYMOVA

lip pigments  are the ultimate solution for long-lasting and realistic results, the right pigments to deliver surprising results to your customers.
With our wide range of 7 shades, you will be able to satisfy any client with the technique of their choice, offering a personalized and perfect solution for every type of client.

Perfect alone or blended to create a custom shade, each batch is tested for consistency and safety; therefore, you never have to worry about nasty additives or how the colors will look on your customer's skin.

The color development on the leather is natural, giving an almost real look.
For amazing results on the lips, MAXYMOVA lip pigments with their velvety, saturated texture are perfect for the sensitive lip area. They are easy to work into the skin, allowing for instant color penetration. Up to 70% of the pigments remain on the skin after the first treatment and can be used pure or mixed according to the client's individual wishes.

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