Brow Lift and Eyelash Lamination Kit, a comprehensive solution for those seeking thick, long, and perfectly defined eyelashes and eyebrows.

Free Silicone Beauty bag 

The Kit Includes:

  • Step 1 Lifting Cream (1,5ml*5): An advanced formula to gently lift eyelashes and eyebrows. The airless packaging ensures hygienic and precise application, minimizing product waste.
  • Step 2 Fixing Cream (1,5ml*5): After lifting, the fixing cream ensures that the new shape of the eyelashes and eyebrows remains defined and curved for an extended period. The airless application allows for extremely precise product dosage.
  • Step 3 HYDRATION&KERATIN BOOSTER (1,5ml*5): To conclude the treatment, this enriched serum provides a flawless finishing touch.

MAXYMOVA®️ Professional products for eyelash and eyebrow lamination Developed in collaboration with the best lamimakers in Italy.

New shiny texture! No unpleasant odours!

Delicate and effective formula.

Brow Lamination

1.  Apply Step 1 to the eyebrows and leave it on for 4-12 minutes, depending on the hair type. Clean with dry cotton swab.

2. Apply Step 2 over the entire length of the eyebrows for 7-8 minutes. Remove the solution with a dry cotton swab.

3. If you're tinting the eyebrows, do it at this stage. Clean off the tint using the Maxymova Magnetic Brush Model 3.

7. To conclude the treatment, clean any remaining tint residues and apply the Step 3 serum with a brush for optimal absorption into the hair. Do not rinse off the serum.

Lash Lamination

1. Apply Step 1 LIFT perm cream to the lashes for 6-12 minutes, depending on the density of the lashes. The application should start 0.5-2 mm away from the root and cover 30-60% of the lash height, depending on the type of roller used. Clean with dry cotton swab.

2. Apply Step 2 FIX cream for 8 minutes, slightly above where the first composition was applied, maintaining a 0.5-2 mm gap from the root.

3. Apply the tint according to instructions (tint is not included).

4. Use Goccia to nourish, moisturize, and enhance the shine of lashes and brows. This step aims to strengthen the lashes, address damage, lock in moisture, and reduce brittleness, leaving lashes soft, silky, elastic, and shiny. After tinting, apply a few drops of the serum and leave it on the lashes for 5 minutes (or after Step 2 FIX if not using tint). Cleanse with a dry cotton pad.

6. Conclude the procedure with Step 3 or LASH & BROW COCKTAIL. This step helps in restoration, hydration, and protection of the lashes and brows without weighing them down. It aids in preventing damage and helps in restructuring and restoring the hair. Do not rinse.

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