Maxymova Silicone eye patch


We are sure that they will be useful to many lashmakers and lamimakers both for beginners and those who are already professionals in the sector. Our patches are made of food grade silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 340 ° C, this means you can sterilize them and they will be as good as new. We made the patches in 3 colors: - white (for extension and lamination) - purple (for lamination) - black (for lamination, if lower lashes need to be tinted)

✅ very thin silicone (comfortable for internal corners during extensions)

✅ The bottom surface is smooth and the patches adhere well to the skin

✅ pleasant for the customer

✅ Suitable for sensitive skin and customers allergic to hydrogel patches

✅ the white color is very pleasing to the eye (even whiter than other patches)

✅ cheap (reusable several times)

✅ ecological (we reduce the amount of plastic and take care of the environment)

1 pair of patches

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